Cloud-Based ERP Software


PPMHUB offers an integrated ERP on cloud with Portfolio to payment scenario solution based on PHP Laravel technology.  Customers can choose between cloud-based or on-premise solution. The user-friendly and easy to navigate application can manage Portfolio, Projects, maintain assets, financial accounting, Production planning ,Agile methodology, budget, time sheets, project risks, procurement, sales orders and reports /Dashboards

Agile Methodology

.We at KSA Tech have technical expertise in building custom software for our clients and keep an inventory of ready to use software products including mobile apps. You will have no issues in using our very high standard Agile software for your project management. The design philosophy of KSATECH is always user-focused and keep it simple.

PPMHUB provides integrated agile methodology to handle project related issues. Also, it provides provision to record support desk related  issues separately.


Plant Maintenance Software

The Plant Maintenance software of PPMHUB also available as a separate package on demand. The user friendly navigation.The Plant Maintenance software is part of an ERP software. The cloud ERP technology is the recent trend all companies are moving towards.

Companies whether small or big have been the primary beneficiaries of this cloud-based application when it comes to easy business management.

A production company with a lot of equipment as its main assets invariably struggling to maintain the assets without proper software applications.


Billing Applications

An organization can be very successful if the information from different sources pertaining to its investments, expenditure and revenue could be brought on a single integrated platform for analysis.

PPMHUB provides sales Inquiry, quotation, sales order and billing transactions. The billing functions are fully integrated with the timesheet applications.

About us

At KSA Tech we believe in the Principle – innovation through hard work. The Core strength of KSA Tech is to Provide High quality cost effective information technology solution in the cloud ERP and business applications. The company’s portfolio includes cloud-ERP services, consulting, software upgrades, Training and Implementation. KSA is presently working in developing for its inventory many ready-made user interface solutions.

We bring with us several years of experience and expertise in the tech and are pioneers when it comes to software services.

Why Us?

Our Support

Business Applications

Having a better understanding of website development, we create the most user-friendly, well-structured website and e-commerce portal. We are committed to provide excellence.

SAP Tech support

Our high-end technical knowledge helps businesses operate in the best and most effective way.

SAP Mobility Support

We can make the whole process of SAP Fiori App maintenance and customization very simple.

Mobile Applications

We offer top-notch functional support for an extensive range of businesses and organizations in all fields

Easy Steps

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Our off the shelf Apps similar to the cProject app are quite comprehensive and developed by experienced functional consultants in that field. However, if the customers need to add some feature to that app or develop a similar app for their organisation, KSA Tech would be able to do it at ease. We can customise the standard Fiori app or develop a new app from scratch. We can provide a free consultation on this front for your business requirement.

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Easy to Use

At KSA Tech, our design Philosophy is to provide a user-friendly user interface. Customer first. Customers should have wow feeling while using the application. We will not go towards providing complex solutions that will make users life difficult. We give preference to the important fields in SAP that is essential while designing our custom Fiori apps. Our design principal is Keep it simple, make it user-friendly and minimum time requirement for training.

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Clean Code

Clean code: Our vision is to provide customers with easy to maintain clean code concept.Even bad code can function. But if the code isn’t clean, it can cause so many troubles. We at KSA Tech follow the principles, patterns, and practices of writing clean code.

Quality Management System

Design and Development of Cloud Based ERP Applications read more…