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If you want to learn more about us, you’re in the right place. Read to learn how we managed to grow our business so fast.


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Our story

Innovation, hard work and dedication are our default tools. We are service providers for cloud based ERP solutions (PPMHUB) and consulting service providers in the SAP portfolio management and mobility space.

KSA Tech is one of the best consulting companies in the field of cloud ERP. With years of experience under our belt, we offer viable and easy solutions to our customers. With the presence of our virtual team everywhere in the world, we bring you easy and fast solutions to your technological problems. Our programs are user friendly , have easily accessible features and are simple to use.

KSA Tech employs a hard working and diligent team. With some of the best minds in creativity and innovation, KSA Tech brings forward solutions that are practical and applicable. Our consulting company offers the key for handling of problems related to Cloud ERP software and other software applications. Our work is of the highest quality. We do not compromise on our client’s satisfaction. Our company gives its level best in the service of our client’s.

Cloud ERP software is the requirement of any growing or established business. The Cloud ERP software comes with many benefits and problems. With our services you will only reap the ERP software’s benefits. We will deal with the problems and will equip you with the necessary tools for the management of any and every problem that you face.

In the field of information technology, KSA Tech aims to provide you with efficient and cost effective solutions to your problems in Cloud ERP (PHP Laravel based cloud solution on AWS) and other business applications. We also deal with SAP software services, consulting, software upgrades, and Training and Implementation. Portfolio Management (PPM), SAP Mobility, c-Project and SAP PPM are some of the fields of technology that KSA Tech deals with. KSA Tech is presently working on developing for its inventory many ready-made user interface solutions to talk to SAP Mobility.

With our PPMHUB mini Cloud ERP software, we aim to better our client’s business dealings and efficiency. The foundation of KSA Tech is hard work and innovation. With the passing time, our company tries its best to provide you with fuel-efficient and energy saving solutions. Our quality, creativity and user friendly applications are second to none. With the sole focus on client’s requirement and ease, we at KSA Tech, achieve 100% customer satisfaction.

With our software programs such as PPMHUB, we give uncomplicated Cloud ERP solutions. PPMHUB is a Cloud ERP software that has many functions and makes procedures such as business inventory from taxing and complicated to simple and straight forward. It is a software that helps in keeping the inventory in materials. PPMHUB is simple to install and easy to use. It is a user friendly Cloud ERP software that keeps business simple. With many features and options, PPMHUB is the ERP software of choice.

As technologies are getting more complicated, new problems are emerging day by day. In this convoluted world of computer and software, our company provides simple and easy solutions. With expert opinions in Cloud ERP solutions, cost effective options, high quality results and user friendly softwares such as PPMHUB , here at KSA Tech your business will flourish beyond your expectations

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