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The cloud ERP technology is proving to be very vital to the success of every company today. Big companies have been the primary beneficiaries of this technology when it comes to easy management of data. The error of manual bookkeeping in businesses is now gone, and systems such as cloud ERP software offerings are taking over. Many people have the mentality that Cloud ERP is only for big companies which are not the case; small businesses can also use the technology. Any business needs to keep and manage data efficiently, and small businesses are not exceptional.

PPMHUB advantages


As a small or medium business entrepreneur, every time before you invest in cost-intensive technology like ERP make sure you conduct a detailed study first and list the advantages it will bring to your business. The clear benefits of PPMHUB for every business;

  • The PPMHUB cloud ERP software demands fewer efforts for implementation.
  • The PPMHUB cloud ERP solutions don’t require a full-fledged maintenance team from the business.
  • Improves productivity and the availability is greater than 99.99 % when hosted on the cloud platform such as AWS.
  • The PPMHUB is much faster because of the latest technology of databases available in such instances (Aurora database)
  • The PPMHUB cloud ERP software is cost-effective, installing the IT system in your organisation will cost will be definitely higher than using the cloud ERP.
  • The PPMHUB cloud ERP solutions make the system is easily accessible, flexible and available anywhere.

The business world is now changing with the introduction of cloud ERP  technology and now you that you understand the benefits of this system make an effort to have it in your small business.

Machine learning

We are developing machine learning models to predict the equipment failure. This feature will be available for free as part of the PPMHUB package. The machine learning models put into production will predict the equipment failures and alert the users or system directly to initiate preventive maintenance action.

Cloud ERP- PPMHUB Modules:

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