Plant Maintenance Software: What you can expect?

Plant Maintenance Software: What can you expect?

The Plant Maintenance software is part of an ERP software. The cloud ERP technology is the recent trend all companies are moving towards.

Companies whether small or big have been the primary beneficiaries of this cloud-based application when it comes to easy business management.

A production company with a lot of equipment as its main assets invariably struggling to maintain the assets without proper software applications.


Plant Maintenance

Maintain Master Data:

Functional Location:

The first and foremost master data for plant maintenance is defining an asset location data. The location data could have a hierarchical relationship too. The software application should be able to handle this feature. If you could get a graphical representation of the same it would be really useful.



Users should be able to maintain the equipment and its master data. The most important of all is the assignment of equipment to the location data. It is fair to expect equipment hierarchy feature from the user side.

Plant Maintenance software

Work Centers:

Plant Maintenance software

The work centre as a master data should be available for resource assignment.


The notifications or fault reporting should be available. This document will become the basis for work order creation.


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