Plant Maintenance

PPMHUB is a cloud ERP with Plant Maintenance module and many other sub-modules

Software Overview

PPMHUB  Plant Maintenance module has features for master data maintenance, fault reporting, preventive maintenance management, reactive maintenance management and inventory management software. Our user-friendly interface will impress you for sure. A fully automated maintenance planning means an auto-creation of;

Plant Maintenance
  • Fault notifications
  • Work orders
  • Material reservation
  • Purchase requisition for material
  • Automatic resource planning
  • Purchase requisition for the external resources

Functional Location:

A hierarchical functional location master data will allow users to assign equipment and generate reports at the functional location level.


Asset management using intuitive software means well-recorded equipment maintenance history and valuable information for machine learning model training.

Fault Notifications:

Users can create notifications to resolve the maintenance issue of an equipment or maintenance plan will automatically create one periodically. The developments are underway to create notifications based on the machine learning model outputs. We will take your asset management to the next level.

Work orders:

The system will create automatically based on the maintenance plan output. Users will always be able to create one based on the ad-hoc requirement. The dashboard will display whether the work order has been created manually or automatically by the system.

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