Project Progress Calculation App

Calculate the Project Progress on the go. Review your Project Progress at any time. SAP Fiori and IOS native mobile Apps available @KSA Tech

Introduction of SAP Project Progress Calculation:


This write-up will explain the SAP Project System (SAP PS) progress calculations and review procedures using project progress calculation app developed by KSA Tech Consulting Pty Limited. The app will be useful to SAP Project System (SAP PS) users who are not currently using the progress calculation procedures in SAP PS. We strongly recommend you to utilise the services of an experienced SAP PS Consultant to perform the configuration activities related to the SAP PS Project progress calculations feature. The calculation is performed periodically or on an ad-hoc basis. The progress app displays the report in an excellent graphical form.

Pre Requisites

• The basic progress calculation configuration requires the following pre-requisites met
• Progress versions- Maintain Progress Version

Current State:

You are using SAP Project System to manage your projects including planned costs, Actual costs, commitment and budget. But you are not checking the project progress reports to report the progress. You are using external systems to track your SAP PS project progress.

Project Progress App

• The projects in the project system (SAP PS only) are displayed in the app.
• Project managers can search projects based on certain criteria
• Project managers can select a project for calculating the progress
• A version can be chosen for calculating the SAP PS Project progress.
• A period can be selected for the calculation
• Once the report is executed the results are displayed in a graphical form.

Future State:

You are planning to use the SAP standard features of earned value analysis for all your projects. The earned values are calculated as part of SAP PS progress calculation. Hence, you are planning to complete the project progress calculation pre-requisites, master data setup and configurations. The configurations are expected to be performed by SAP Project System Consultant. Once your SAP PS is ready for progress calculation, then you can use this app in your organisation.