Sap Mobility

Our highly efficient SAP Mobility service would help businesses take real time decisions no matter where they are.

Our Application

  • SAP Mobility Exchanges data between your legacy or SAP to multiple mobile devices
  • SA Mobility Provides platform to create world class mobile applications using a single development platform
  • Easy access to enterprise applications for day to day tasks to their own devices in a secured way
  • SAP Mobility Protects data with well-designed and tested application security
  • SAP Mobility provides additional security with Authentication App

Our application facilitates handling each and every stage of a project with the help of a mobile device in the most effective manner.

SAP Mobile Platform is a mobile enterprise application platform designed to simplify the task of creating applications that connect business data to mobile devices for day-to-day tasks in an Organisation. These types of applications are handy in project management and customer service area. SAP Fiori platform provides layers of middleware between the back-end SAP system and the mobile device in a safe and secure manner. At KSA Tech we are specialised in providing an end-to-end mobile solution using SAP Mobility and custom SAP Fiori Apps.

The recent trend in service Industry prefers SAP mobility for cross-platform application and native applications. SAP Mobility services are offered by KSA Tech at a competitive rate with impeccable quality. There are very few service providers who can match the SAP Mobility services provided by KSA Tech in this space.

Custom Fiori Application


KSA Tech Consulting Pty Limited offers its customers a Mobile Application Product “cProject Mobile Dashboard 1.0”, which has been certified by SAP for Integration with NetWeaver Gateway 2.0 via the SAP Integration scenario NW-GW-INT 2.0
Our intent is to make it easier and faster to create complex custom Fiori applications that use multiple data sources and will work on many different mobile devices. The custom Fiori apps are the way to save dollars to achieve the organisation specific requirements. We are specialised in developing cross-platform mobile applications. Our service boundary doesn’t stop here. We will be able to provide services around native mobile applications in iOS and Android platforms too. We at KSA Tech offer mobile solutions with SAP system as background system. We have expertise and strong functional knowledge in the following SAP Modules.
KSA Tech can provide services in developing custom Fiori applications

• SAP Project System custom Fiori applications such as SAP PS project planning, budgeting, progress calculation and SAP time sheet report.
• SAP Cross application components based custom Fiori apps
• Custom Fiori Apps in SAP Portfolio and Project Management
• Custom Fiori apps for SAP Materials Management
• Custom Fiori apps for SAP Sales and Distribution
• Custom Fiori apps for SAP SRM.
Our offer doesn’t stop here. We will be able to provide solutions to include custom enhancement through mobile application development to help reduce the cost and improve the effectiveness of the custom application that may be required for the Business to operate in an efficient and truly integrated manner. Please check out the video of our c-Project Mini dashboard SAP Fiori application. This custom application can be installed in your Fiori Launchpad. You need to use SAP Portfolio and Project Management in your organisation. You can use this handy c-Project mini dashboard to view and update many day-to-day activities in your projects.