SAP Time Sheet Review App

I want to find out who are all the people charged time against my project.

The SAP Time sheet is used by employees and contractors in many organisations. The SAP Timesheet based Timesheet report mobile application will be handy tool to any project manager.


  • SAP Timesheet report Fiori app can be installed within three to four hours
  • Timesheet report mobile application can be used to search the project and find the
  • Organisations canonlyadd this Fiori app into their Fiori Launchpad
  • Backend services are ready and will be able to install in a very short time frame.
  • Project managers can search projects and find the time charged against their projects
  • The App will provide the details of Personnel number and name of the persons who have charged to the project
  • The App will provide the details of the assigned orders and the corresponding time settled to your project.
  • All the fields in the report can be dynamically filtered to analyse your project in detail.

KSA Tech Consulting can provide services in modifying the App to suit your need as required.

Sap Timesheet Report Mobile Application

  • The SAP Timesheet Report Fiori app is an Ideal app for Project Managers
  • The Timesheet report works well with the SAP Timesheet backend.
  • The time sheet report can be filtered based on various parameters
  • SAP Timesheet mobile app can be used for all active projects in the system.



  • Your Organisation should use SAP project system for handling projects
  • Project team members will have to enter time using SAP Cross application time sheet
  • The SAP time sheets to be transferred to target components
  • The SAP timesheets need to have the cost component for displaying the cost related to each entry

The SAP Cross-Application Time Sheet (CATS) is a project management tool for recording the actualtimes and tasks. This feature helps to ease the employees time recording task and time administrators’ workload.The data that employees enter in the Time Sheet are transferred to the appropriate cost collecting objects.The SAP timesheet can be accessed through SAP GUI, Portal or Mobile application. The SAP Time Sheet provides a broadrange of user interfaces. It is used across many different sectors.