Why Us?

Reason To Choose Us?

KSA Tech a reliable solution provider

Our services cover complete lifecycle of SAP Mobility applications. The core focus of our approach is in business modules including Supply Chain Management, Manufacturing, Human Capital Management, Financials, Sales, Distribution and PPM among others. When you choose us, you are choosing a service that provides the most comprehensive Enterprise Application services portfolio in the industry.

  • We have functional knowledge of SAP Fiori
  • Our consultants have experience as deep as the history of SAP
  • We are a lean and mean organisation with virtual staff across the world
  • We are fully equipped to deliver to mobile application products
  • We are SAP Partners for deliver Mobile App solutions

    With so many consulting agencies available, why go for KSA Tech?

    Because KSA Tech is the best out there. With our team’s assiduous planning and diligence, we give our customers the best solution of the technological problems. These solutions help in the establishment and prosperity of their companies. Without the unnecessary headache of technological problems, you can focus on your business concerns, giving it the quality time that it requires.

    We have some of the best minds working in KSA Tech. They concentrate on the problems and offer practical and applicable Cloud ERP solutions. Innovation, hard work and problem solving is the trademark of KSA Tech. With us you will not only fly, but will soar in the business world.

    KSA Tech provides cost effective and high quality results. With our softwares such as PPMHUB, a mini ERP software, we make technology easy and simple for you. PPMHUB is a Cloud ERP software program. It is a multi feature program that offers a wide range of functions.

    Inventory of materials is an important aspect of any business practice. No business will want to lose their profit and sale due to inadequate inventory. PPMHUB makes inventory simple and easy. With this Cloud ERP software you can catalogue your materials in a well organized manner. With PPMHUB you can make changes in your list and can keep it up to date without any hassle and loss of information.

ERP with a user friendly UI

PPMHUB comes with sub modules. Its Portfolio Management and Project Management features help in the collection and proper organization of data. It combines all the data and makes it easier for you to study and evaluate it properly. You can also keep track of the progress of your project.

The Budget Management software helps in keeping track of the expenditure and give analysis on the upcoming expenses. With Time Management program you can track the speed of your project. You can effectively manage your project finishing it within the given deadline. Risks of success and failure are integral parts of projects. With PPMHUB, you can evaluate risks relating tasks and phases.

Configuration is a vital part of any good software.It is one of the most important modules in PPMHUB.It allows changing the drop-down values and key parameters in an easy and effective way.

With its report management module, you can keep track of all the aspects of your project.This module allows for comprehensive reporting capability across all modules. The report integrates information across all modules.

KSA tech gives you an opportunity to grow your business. It gives you fast and simple solutions to technological problems in fields of Cloud ERP software and other applications.

We are dedicated to our goal of customer satisfaction and high quality results. We offer uncomplicated and simple answers to difficult technological questions and issues. Our solutions reflect innovation, creativity, practicality, quality and easy application.

We bring with us several years of experience and expertise in the tech and are pioneers when it comes to SAP software services

We at KSA Tech provide SAP Mobility end-to-end solution across different set of Enterprise Solutions. We have developed our SAP Mobility services to address current key business challenges. The perfect combination of our domain expertise and solutions approach allows our clients to achieve optimal business value.

KSA Tech’s proven and well-established service delivery platform has been designed for our clients. Our setup will help you always remain on top of your processes.

Feel free to contact us today for an estimate in enhancing your processes!